Why Read It ?

Joy Unveiled is told through Sarah’s character as she faces and overcomes traumatic adversity, conquers her shadows, and unveils her happiness. By removing herself from the story and telling it through another’s voice, Ruth Teresa has been able to find the clarity and healing that she’s long searched for. This pursuit of happiness forced Ruth to dive into her depths and has released the author from years of suffering and self-loathing. In sharing this book, the author hopes to free herself and her family from the bondage of guilt, shame, and blame.

Why Read It?


While suffering is a natural part of life, it’s also temporary. It comes and goes with each person’s unique circumstances. Living with depression, however, does not typically fade on its own. Finding herself in her “golden years” and more depressed than ever, Ruth realized that now was the time to change her mindset completely. Ruth’s greatest fear is to have regrets later in life and bear children that witness the defeat that comes with resignation and contempt. It was time to make happiness her priority.

The book’s primary purpose is for the author to liberate herself from the confines of shame, guilt, and the shadows of the past. To show people that their circumstances alone do not define them, and find peace through inner healing. To inspire, empower and share. The suffering ends here.

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