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Joy Unveiled is told through Sarah’s character as she faces and overcomes traumatic adversity, conquers her shadows, and unveils her happiness. By removing herself from the story and telling it through another’s voice, Ruth Teresa has been able to find the clarity and healing that she’s long searched for.


Ruth Teresa’s Chapters

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Broken Soul

Inside the house, the woman was standing over the sink, drying the wet dishes with a soft cloth.


The Trauma

Our dear Sarah, the star of this novel, with her big brown eyes and curly dark brown hair, eventually grew up.


Broken Realities

When you experience ambiguity in the relationship between yourself and your parents, a lot of things can come up.


Broken Promises

Like any young girl, Sarah also began to grow curious about this thing called love. She grew up around her adoptive parents.

About The Author

Ruth Teresa

Sarah is a wife, mother, and stepmother to five lovely children. She left her corporate and banking profession of 25 years at the peak of COVID-19 to become a full-time life coach and pursue greater joy and happiness in her life. Sarah became a Life Coach practitioner in 2015 from the Certified Coaches Federation Canada under the mentorship of Derek Sweet, the founder. Writing this book was at first her source of healing but ultimately became her passion Sarah believes that it’s never too late to rediscover your passion and make a difference in others’ lives.



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